Amalfi Italy-04764-2

The beautiful resort town of Amalfi, on the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy.

Saunders Roe

Saunders Roe Beaumaris-7151-2

Inside one of the hangers at the vast former Saunders Roe factory at Beaumaris, Anglesey.

Pierhead Pavilion

Pierhead Pavilion Llandudno Pier 2010-0690

Pierhead Pavilion at Llandudno Pier. Originally built as a Bandstand, it was later extended to form a Recital Hall for orchestral concerts. The Llandudno Pier Company Orchestra actually survived until about 1976, when this building was converted into an amusement arcade/aquarium. Today, the entire building is an amusement arcade.

Castle Hotel

Llandudno Tudno Castle Hotel 2014-02494

Ornate iron canopy at the entrance to the Tudno Castle Hotel in Llandudno. Currently empty and derelict, the hotel is shortly to be redeveloped into a Premier Inn and Restaurant complex.