De Winton

De Winton Carnarvon-03807

Makers Plaque from the De Winton Engineering Company at Caernarfon. Seen at National Slate Museum, Llanberis.


Llawn 01-03575

An image from the Llawn 01 Arts Festival in Llandudno. Llawn 02 is coming in September.


Ridelow Manchester-01523

The colourful Ridelow shop in Manchester.

Llanberis Path

Snowdon Llanberis Path-

Looking back down Snowdon towards Llanberis. The Llanberis Path (seen snaking through the photo) follows the route of the Snowdon Mountain Railway for much of its length and is regarded as the most popular of the various paths up Snowdon.

If you happen to get yourself into difficulties when on Snowdon, then these guys will come to your assistance, I think they deserve our thanks and support: