Gwrych Castle Abergele--2

Gwrych Castle at Abergele slumbers on, awaiting its renaissance as a luxury hotel.

Church Island

Church Island-01446

Although this simple whitewashed Church now stands alone on an Island just off the coast of Anglesey, it was originally situated on a cliff edge that has eroded away over the years.


Llanddwyn Lighthouse-01329

The now disused Lighthouse at Llanddwyn Island, Anglesey, on a stormy day in January 2014.


Rhyl Remnants-02342

Former side wall of the recently demolished Honey Club Nightspot in Rhyl. I always enjoy seeing the insides of a building laid bare, a bit like seeing the skeleton of an animal that was never intended to be on public view.

Normaz Final Day


I arrived in Aquarium Street in Rhyl to find Normaz B&B at No.19 literally on the brink of demolition – the excavator was busily destroying the house next door and the demise of Normaz was only minutes away.