Market Forces

Indoor Market Colwyn Bay-2343

Entrance to the Indoor Market in Colwyn Bay. Closed in 1987 after a fire and never reopened, the entire building was eventually demolished in 2013.

Ye Olde College

Old College Conwy-4793

A scene from October 2005, showing the now vanished Ye Olde College Menswear shop in Castle Street, Conwy. A new shopfront was fitted several years ago and it is now a branch of the BetFred bookmakers chain.

Beach Reflections

Abersoch Beach Reflections-3037

Reflections on the beach at the popular resort village of Abersoch, on the Lleyn Peninsula in North Wales. Photo taken in February 2013.

Beach Hut Blues

Abersoch Beach Huts-2889

Looking at the less attractive section of the Beach huts at Abersoch, on the Lleyn Peninsula. Photo taken in February 2013.

Castle Of Broken Dreams

Gwrych Castle Abergele North Wales UK--2

Many a fortune has been lost by a romantic dreamer with visions of restoring the fairytale Gwrych Castle at Abergele. The scale & cost of any restoration project usually leads to the project being eventually abandoned and the castle decaying a little more. It’s to be hoped that the latest proposals, to convert it into a luxury hotel, prove to be successful but there seems to be little movement with the project at the moment..

Final Days of the Indoor Market

Colwyn Bay Indoor Market - Aug 2009-2038

Frontage of the former Indoor Market in Colwyn Bay, photographed in August 2009. Abandoned after a fire in the late 1980s, it has remained derelict ever since. I remember going round it several times as a kid, there must only have been about 20 market stalls, plus a central cafe. The whole building was demolished in 2013, leaving just a vacant site.