Is it Summer yet?

Kiosk Colwyn Bay Prom Dec 2013-00223-2

A desolate ice cream kiosk on Colwyn Bay promenade. This kiosk is scheduled for demolition in 2014 as part of the Promenade redevelopment scheme.

Snow on the Beach

Snow Penrhyn Bay Beach Dec 2010-3545

It’s not often you see snow on the beach, but this scene from December 2010 shows a very wintery scene at Penrhyn Bay Beach.

Steam Mill

Steam Mill Chester-00155

I always think of the Reverend Bacon in Bonfire of the Vanities when I see the Steam Mill in Chester – “Gentlemen, I want you to make an investment here. An investment in steam control.


Llanfairfechan Slate Roof-3141

Detail of a Slate roof on an isolated, abandoned Farmhouse in Llanfairfechan. Photo taken in November 2012.

Southport Pier

Southport Pier-05174

A pier was first suggested in the 1840s but a company was not created until 1859. Work began the same year. Designed by James Brunlees, the 3600 foot pier opened in 1860. Waiting and refreshment rooms for boat passengers were added in 1862. A baggage line opened on May 7th 1863 but was re-laid the following year when the pier was widened and extended. It was upgraded to a cable-operated tramway in 1865. A further extension, in 1868, brought the length to 4380 feet. Storm damage and fires (in 1933 and 1957) reduced the length to the present 3633 foot, the second longest in Britain.

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Ocean Plaza

Rhyl Ocean Plaza Development-00054

Advertising board for the failed Ocean Plaza redevelopment in Rhyl. The site was originally the Ocean Beach Funfair, a Rhyl landmark for many years.